Welcome to Addiction Rehab Resource

When it comes to addiction treatment every minute counts. From the moment you decide to seek help… help is available.  However, the options are many, and may be confusing    What type of treatment?  Where should I go?  How much will it cost?  What will insurance cover?  Is insurance available to me?  These and many other questions may come to mind.  That is where Addiction Rehab Resource can help.

Our experienced staff is there to help from the moment you contact us.  We will help you find answers, and find the very best treatment available.  We already know of many truly exceptional treatment providers covering every form and treatment option available.  We will determine what your insurance coverage will provide and negotiate on your behalf to reduce any out of pocket costs.

Our mission is to help you find the best treatment options available, providing the very best opportunity for your continued sobriety and healthy lifestyle.

Remember, our services will cost you nothing, in fact, there is a good chance we can reduce the costs of your treatment.  A simple phone call will begin the process… why not call now?  Call 1-800-894-7787 anytime, day or night.

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Our Specialization

  • Inpatient Treatment

    • Same Day Placement Available
    • Safest Environment to Ensure Sobriety
    • Make Life Long Friends in Sobriety
  • Outpatient Treatment IOP

    • Group and Individual Therapy
    • Alcohol and Drug Treatment While Living at Home
    • Accountability for Meetings and Screening
  • Medical Detox

    • Same Day Placement Available
    • Alcohol and Drug Detox
    • Medical Assistance and Supervision
  • Sober Living

    • Accountability with Meetings and Screenings
    • Safe Sober Environment
    • Meet Sober Friends

We will design a Treatment Plan that ensures your success in long term sobriety.